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Begin Again

Begin Again Movie Review

R, 104 m., 2013

Mark Ruffalo (Dan), Keira Knightley (Gretta), James Corden (Steve), Hailee Steinfeld (Violet), Mos Def (Saul (as Yasiin Bey)), Adam Levine (Dave), CeeLo Green (Troublegum (as Cee Lo Green)), Catherine Keener (Miriam). Written and directed by John Carney. Produced by Tobin Armbrust and Anthony Bregman.

Begin Again Movie Poster


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They Came Together

They Came Together Movie Review

R, 83 m., 2014

Paul Rudd (Joel), Amy Poehler (Molly), Cobie Smulders (Tiffany), Melanie Lynskey (Brenda), Max Greenfield (Jake), Ellie Kemper (Karen), Jason Mantzoukas (Bob), Ed Helms (Eggbert), Michael Ian Black (Trevor), Bill Hader (Kyle), Christopher Meloni (Roland). Directed by David Wain and produced by Michael Showalter. Screenplay by Showalter & Wain.

They Came Together Movie Poster

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Snowpiercer Movie Review

R, 126 m., 2013

Chris Evans (Curtis), Jamie Bell (Edgar), John Hurt (Gilliam), Tilda Swinton (Mason), Alison Pill (Teacher), Octavia Spencer (Tanya), Ewen Bremner (Andrew). Directed by Joon-ho Bong and produced by Tae-sung Jeong, Tae-hun Lee, Steven Nam, Chan-wook Park. Screenplay by Bong and Kelly Masterson (in English, Korean, Japanese and French), based on an original story by Jacques Lob & Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette, and a screen story by Bong.

Snowpiercer Movie Poster

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