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Venus in Fur

Venus in Fur Movie Review

UNRATED, 96 m., 2013

Emmanuelle Seigner (Vanda), Mathieu Amalric (Thomas). Directed by Roman Polanski and produced by Robert Benmussa and Alain Sarde. Screenplay by Polanski & David Ives (in French and German).

Venus in Fur Movie Poster


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Third Person

Third Person Movie Review

R, 137 m., 2013

Liam Neeson (Michael), Mila Kunis (Julia), James Franco (Rick), Olivia Wilde (Anna), Adrien Brody (Scott), Maria Bello (Theresa), Kim Basinger (Elaine). Written and directed by Paul Haggis. Produced by Paul Breuls, Haggis, and Michael Nozik.

Third Person Movie Poster

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The Rover

The Rover Movie Review

R, 103 m., 2014

Robert Pattinson (Rey), Guy Pearce (Eric), Scoot McNairy (Henry), Tawanda Manyimo (Caleb), David Field (Archie). Directed by David Michôd and produced by David Linde, Michôd, and Liz Watts. Screenplay by Michôd, based on a story by Joel Edgerton.

The Rover Movie Poster

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Obvious Child

Obvious Child Movie Review

R, 84 m., 2014

Jenny Slate (Donna Stern), Jake Lacy (Max), Gaby Hoffmann (Nellie), Gabe Liedman (Joey), David Cross (Sam), Richard Kind (Jacob Stern), Polly Draper (Nancy Stern), Paul Briganti (Ryan), Cindy Cheung (Dr. Bernard), Stephen Singer (Gene). Directed by Gillian Robespierre and produced by Elisabeth Holm. Screenplay by Robespierre.

Obvious Child Movie Poster

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Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys Movie Review

R, 134 m., 2014

John Lloyd Young (Frankie Valli), Vincent Piazza (Tommy DeVito), Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Michael Lomenda (Nick Massi), Christopher Walken (Gyp DeCarlo), Mike Doyle (Bob Crewe), Freya Tingley (Francine (17)), Renée Marino (Mary). Directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Eastwood, Tim Headington, Graham King, and Robert Lorenz. Screenplay by Rick Elice & Marshall Brickman

Jersey Boys Movie Poster

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