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In our group, we discussed the relationship between niece Charlie and uncle Charlie as being a somewhat incestuous one – if only implied. We deduced that they are much closer than any uncle and niece we’d ever seen, lending their relationship a somewhat creepy vibe. He is constantly calling her the love of his life, and she calling him similar pet names/seeming to revere him in a way that is…odd. We talked a bit (though it seems like some may have missed it till we discussed it) about the supposed psychic connection that the niece feels toward her uncle – how she seems to believe she summoned him over a great distance with her mind/feelings and how he actually just showed up out of the blue because he needed a place to “hide” (even if in plain sight). We weren’t so sure (at least I wasn’t) about the scenes in which Charlie’s true nature is revealed, so we spent more time discussing the hints along the way which lead niece Charlie to suspect her uncle (see below). If there’s a turning point, it’s where he first grabs her by the wrists and she says “You’re hurting me.” She’s been aware this whole time that he was keeping something from her, but didn’t know what. Now she knows what it means to him to keep such a secret. Continue reading


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