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Observe and Report

R, 86 min, 2009

Seth Rogen (Ronnie), Ray Liotta (Detective Harrison), Michael Peña (Dennis), Anna Faris (Brandi), Dan Bakkedahl (Mark), Jesse Plemons (Charles), John Yuan (John Yuen), Matt Yuan (Matt Yuen (as Matthew Yuan)), Celia Weston (Mom), Collette Wolfe (Nell), Randy Gambill (Flasher), Alston Brown (Bruce), Cody Midthunder (D-Rock), Debra-Jayne Brown (Female Reporter), Aziz Ansari (Saddamn). Written and directed by Jody Hill. Produced by Donald De Line.

Observe and Report is a comedy that is just plain wrong – and then it takes a turn toward the dark which puts it in a new dimension; imagine if Taxi Driver had been made as a comedy and you’ll have some idea of the twist this takes. Continue reading


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