About the Author

My name is Eric Robert Wilkinson. I’m 31 years old. I have an Associate’s in General Studies from Clackamas Community College with a focus on Film Studies, have completed a 40 Week Total Immersion Program at the Seattle Film Institute from 2001-02 and, having pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film at Portland State University, am awaiting graduation from the Bachelor’s Program and preparing to go to Graduate School majoring in Education (I think).

I have written, directed and edited two short student films at Clackamas Community College: Ouija in a Void (2006) and Kaddish (2007), as well as having taken part in numerous short student films while at SFI. While working at Safeway to make ends meet, I’m creating this blog to write new and post old film reviews of every film I’ve ever seen (that’s the goal, at any rate) and working on writing screenplays (feature and short) to direct in the future). Here’s a link to my short film Kaddish:


Got that?

Now: Go read the reviews and … Enjoy! :)

One response to “ABOUT

  1. your a brilliant writer, enjoyed your review on the movie Dark Horse

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