Every year, it is any critic’s “duty” to put together a list of the “ten best” films of the year. I find year after year that this is a time-consuming and difficult task. How is one who truly loves film supposed to narrow down a list to a mere “top 10″? I’ve tried every way I know how to list, number, and/or categorize my favorite films of the year – a lengthy list, indeed – and it never feels as though I’m doing true justice to those films that don’t fit in a list of ten.

So: I have listed my “top 10″ alphabetically below, preceded only by my two favorite films of the year, then an “Alternative Top 10″ (all the great films that won’t fit in a list of 10). There is then a Best Documentaries list followed by the “Eleventh Place” tie (Honorable Mentions; very good films which didn’t quite reach full “greatness” but were worthy nonetheless). Still, this is all pretty arbitrary in the grand scheme of things. However, as a top ten is some kind of sacred thing for critics, here goes…

1. Bellflower

2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

3. The Artist

4. Carnage

5. Drive

6. The Hedgehog


7. Hugo

8. Midnight in Paris

9. Take Shelter

10. The Trip

“Alternative Top 10”:

Best Documentaries

Eleventh Place
Note: I am always seeing films that qualify, and will add them as necessary. Otherwise, see you next year!

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