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Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void is surely among the more audacious, perhaps even clinically insane, big-screen cinematic experiments of 2010. Inspired by some very basic and crude notions from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, resident enfant terrible Noe (Irreversible, the We Fuck Alone segment of Destricted) follows a young teen drug addict/dealer (Nathaniel Brown), spending about the first hour of the film viewing the world from his perspective as he goes against the wishes of his exotic dancer/prostitute sister (Paz de la Huerta), right up until the moment of his death at the hands of police during a raid on a bar in the middle of bustling, neon-candescent Tokyo. The film then follows his spirit as it travels through the city, relives his last moments (sometimes from different perspectives), hovers above his sister watching over her from beyond the grave and, finally, receives some semblance of rest in peace. A haunting, challenging but great film.

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