David Gordon Green’s “Snow Angels” is a mosaical slice of life in a small town (filmed in Nova Scotia). It concerns the converging lives of everyone from a young dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant (Michael Angarano) to his sexy coworker (Kate Beckinsale), a mom in the midst of a separation from her deadbeat, suicidal husband (Sam Rockwell), the dishwasher’s classmate (Olivia Thirlby), and the co-worker (Amy Sedaris) and her unfaithful husband (Nicky Katt).<br /><br />Green’s fourth feature (after the superb “George Washington,” “All the Real Girls” and “Undertow”; he has Judd Apatow’s production “The Pineapple Express” coming in August!) is a powerful little movie based on the Stuart O’Nan novel. <br /><br />The only confusing thing is that it seems to be set in the 70s or 80s, yet Beckinsale has a very new looking cellphone at one point. Anachronism?<br /><br />Very good work on all accounts.

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