Teeth Movie Review

R, 94 min, 2007

Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein
Writer: Mitchell Lichtenstein
Stars: Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais

In Teeth, the debut of writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein, the filmmaker has crafted the oddest mixture of horror and comedy since Lucky McKee’s May (2003). I was also a little reminded of Carrie (1976) by way of John Waters.

Jess Weixler gives a tough but interesting performance as Dawn, a somewhat puritanical young high school student whose budding sexuality is at odds with her fanatical system of belief in her own chastity, as well as that of others around her. Soon, Dawn finds herself the target of a series of young men (including a stepbrother played by John Hensley from TV’s Nip/Tuck) interested in just one thing: deflowering the  perpetual virgin. There’s just one problem: she has something called “vagina dentata” (Latin, we learn, literally translating to “vagina teeth”) and whenever a boy and his member (or an OBGYN’s fingers) enter her body, it’s as if her privates are a Venus fly trap and snap off whatever enters it; like a set of shark teeth.

The film is creepy, and odd, and sometimes funny, and ultimately a show of promise for Lichtenstein and Weixler in the future.

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