Michael Davis’ “Shoot ‘Em Up” is demented, sick, twisted, horrible, crude, violent and disgusting… and I loved every second of it! Clive Owen stars as a mystery man in an unnamed urban setting who when we first meet him is sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. He is eating a carrot. Soon, a pregnant woman runs into an alleyway, chased by a hoodlum with a gun. Practically invited to join in, Owen soon follows and impales the man with the carrot through the eye. Soon, the man’s employer, a wisecracking and sadistic boss if ever there was (Paul Giamatti) is in hot pursuit. The woman gives birth and Owen must defend the baby’s life at all costs, which employs a specialist hooker (Monica Bellucci) as both a confidante and potential love interest.


<br/>Odd, funny, insane, and every other synonym you can think of for wrong in every way possible, this is fun action cinema at its best!

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