D.J. Caruso’s 2007 thriller stars Shia LaBeouf as a kid who hits his teacher and is soon sentenced to court-ordered house arrest. At first he’s bored, he rubs the teacher’s relative (the cop who enforces the kid’s house arrest) the wrong way, and he begins to notice a mutual attraction (somewhat) with a new girl next door (Sarah Roemer). Another neighbor, a mysterious man who comes and goes at all hours and who seems to have a violent relationship with his women friends (David Morse), soon becomes LaBeouf’s suspect in a series of mysterious disappearances and/or murders in the area. But what can the kid do? He’s under house arrest! This teenage re-tread of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” (1954) doesn’t quite have the craft or wit of the Master of Suspense, but it does have a charming and charismatic lead actor, a credulity-stretching, but never boring or unentertaining plot, and a good cast of mostly unknown or lesser known character actors. In short, Disturbia’s a hoot!


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