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John Hillcoat?s Australian western starred Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Memento) as one third of a troublesome fraternal gang in the 1800?s Outback, Ray Winstone as the police captain who has sworn to ?civilize this land? and Danny Huston (in a mesmerizingly frightening turn) as Arthur Burns, the brains of the clan who has escaped justice and whom Winstone orders Pearce to turn in in order to save his youngest brother from execution before Christmas Day. Emily Watson also shows up as the distressed wife of Winstone?s law enforcement official. This is a brutal, bloody, occasionally sardonically humorous but ultimately pitiless masterwork of period criminology. A morality play, a character study, a mood piece and a beautifully filmed action epic on a small scale, Nick Cave?s first screenplay (he was lead singer of The Bad Seeds; he also wrote the music) is no less than ingenious!

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