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R, 187 min, 1993

Director: Robert Altman
Writers: Raymond Carver (writings), Robert Altman (screenplay) & Frank Barhydt (screenplay)
Stars: Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins

Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, like his early masterpiece Nashville (1975), is yet another epic-length mosaic of dozens of seemingly disparate lives weaving, warping and, yes, occasionally intersecting over a cross-section of a specific time and place (in this case, early 90s Los Angeles). The film, far from the Raymond Carver Country of the short stories (and one poem) on which it is based, trades in the rainy, dour Pacific Northwest for the almost fluorescent aqua blue swimming pools, white stucco houses and picturesque green lawns of suburban Southern California, but its characters embody Carver’s spirit of emotional and psychological nudity and fragility – something Altman has delved into before. Continue reading

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