Bill Cosby wrote, directed and stars in this observant, intelligent and frequently hilarious standup-comedy concert film. Cosby, a major in Physical Education from Temple University with a minor in child psychology likely met his wife (a major in child psychology) through like interests. The perils of raising a family of five kids, Cosby’s recollections of his own childhood, a brilliant bit about a horrific visit to the dentist, and the insightful and precise way he has of satirizing drug-users and drunks are just some of the subjects he unloads on. This man is incredible, as he verbally assaults each subject he lays his sights on with surgical precision. He peels away at the joke, revealing it in layers, never rushing to make a point, savoring every nuance and word; sometimes the audience is laughing because they think they know the punch-line before it comes, but Cosby has other plans. This is a remarkably entertaining portrait of how a very thoughtful and funny comedian views the world.


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