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Woody Allen’s breakthrough is a smart, very funny and ultimately bittersweet romantic comedy for the ages. Allen stars as Alvy Singer, a neurotic, Jewish New York stand-up comedian who recounts his on-again/off-again relationship with the title character, a neurotic WASP (Diane Keaton) he meats playing tennis. The film chronicles the best and worst of times in their romance, and contains some of the funniest moments of any Allen film. The film is a showcase for Allen’s brand of humor – quick, witty one-liners – but often includes some truly brilliant moments of invention (whether it be standing on line for a movie and trying to one-up an obnoxious would-be intellectual with his own supposed specialties, or a funny little animated scene which Alvy connects as a metaphor for his relationship). Look for Christopher Walken in an early role as Annie’s truly creepy brother – with a death wish.


NOTE: The film deservedly won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Original Screenplay.

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