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Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia Movie Review

PG, 216 m., 1962

Peter O’Toole (T.E. Lawrence), Alec Guinness (Prince Feisal), Anthony Quinn (Auda Abu Tayi), Jack Hawkins (General Allenby), Omar Sharif (Sherif Ali), José Ferrer (Turkish Bey (as Jose Ferrer)), Anthony Quayle (Colonel Brighton), Claude Rains (Mr. Dryden), Arthur Kennedy (Jackson Bentley), Donald Wolfit (General Murray), I.S. Johar (Gasim), Gamil Ratib (Majid), Michel Ray (Farraj), John Dimech (Daud), Zia Mohyeddin (Tafas). Directed by David Lean and produced by Sam Spiegel. Screenplay by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson (originally uncredited: credit restored in 1978 by WGA), based on writings by T.E. Lawrence.

In an age of films billed as “Cinematic Spectacle,” here is a true cinematic Giant which humbles many films and cuts all the average weekend releases down to size. David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia is a true epic, with images that awe and characters larger than life. At the age of 50 and a runtime of 216 minutes long, the film is none-too-fleeting but somehow manages to feel both fresh and relatively quick-paced.

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