Faust Movie Review

UNRATED, 85 m., 1926

Gösta Ekman (Faust (as Gösta Ekmann)), Emil Jannings (Mephisto), Camilla Horn (Gretchen / Marguerite), Frida Richard (Gretchens Mutter / Marguerite’s mother (as Frieda Richard)), William Dieterle (Valentin: Gretchens Bruder / Marguerite’s brother (as Wilhelm Dieterle)), Yvette Guilbert (Marthe Schwerdtlein: Gretchens Tante / Marguerite’s aunt), Eric Barclay (Herzog von Parma / Duke of Parma (as Eric Barcley)), Hanna Ralph (Herzogin von Parma / Duchess of Parma), Werner Fuetterer (Erzengel / Archangel). Directed by F.W. Murnau and produced by Erich Pommer. Screenplay by Gerhart Hauptmann and Hans Kyser, based on the play Faust by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

Faust Movie Poster


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