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Safety Last!

Safety Last Movie Review

UNRATED, 70 m., 1923

Harold Lloyd (The Boy), Mildred Davis (The Girl), Bill Strother (The Pal), Noah Young (The Law), Westcott Clarke (The Floorwalker (as Westcott B. Clarke)). Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer (as Fred Neymeyer) and Sam Taylor and produced by Kevin Brownlow (1990 alternate version), David Gill (1990 alternate version), Jeffrey Vance (video release), Hal Roach (uncredited). Screenplay by H.M. Walker, based on a story by Roach & Taylor and Tim Whelan.

Here is a survivor of the silent comedy era, an overlooked gem. Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! shows that Lloyd had the chops to be as famous as Keaton and Chaplin, if not more so; his films grossed more at the time. Like Keaton and Chaplin, he is known for an astonishing array of short films and small-length features. Unlike Keaton and Chaplin, however, Lloyd was an actor who had to learn how to be a silent comedian, and did not write or direct this film. Continue reading

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